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Desoto, Texas 75115
Positions: Pipefitter; Steamfitter; Plumber_Installer; Plumber_Service
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial; Residential/Light Commercial
Need master plumber for State of Texas to do bids and supervise jobs. Must be a master with 5 years of experience. Salary and Benefits depend on experience
San Antonio, Texas 78249
Positions: Plumber/Installer; Plumber_Service; Drain-Cleaner-
Sectors: Commercial/Industrial; Residential/Light Commercial
Vamvoras, Ltd is currently looking for a Service Plumber to add to our team. Competitive pay and offers good benefits including health insurance and 401k. No commissioned sales. Applications accepted Monday through Friday between 9am - 4pm. May apply in person at 4734 Shavano Oak, San Antonio, Texa
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