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Dayton, Ohio 45434
Positions: Pipefitter; Plumber_Installer; Plumber_Service
Sectors: Residential/Light Commercial
General Description: Under direct supervision of Licensed Plumber, assists in the assembly, installation, or repair of pipes, fittings, or fixtures of heating, water, or drainage systems in accordance to specifications and plumbing codes. Works under the direction of the Licensed Plumber/Experienc
Cincinnati, Ohio 45229
Positions: Plumber/Installer; Plumber_Service; Drain-Cleaner
Sectors: Residential/Light Commercial
? Performs routine maintenance of plumbing systems for residential customers. ? Responds to plumbing calls. ? Install plumbing systems in existing properties. ? Obtains permits for plumbing work to be performed. ? Adheres to current rules and regulations related to plumbing so that systems pass
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